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Hello there!

I got a two games in at Critical Hit Games in St. Pete, FL. We went back to the standard 2000 points, and I was able to put Empire of Dust on the table for the first time! This is the list I decided to bring:

Revenants HordeMummies Regiment (x2)Enslaved Guardian Archers Horde - EliteSwarm RegimentScavengers RegimentMonolithBone Giant (x2)Ahmunite Pharaoh - Wings Cursed High Priest on Mount - Heal4 + Rallying(1)Mortibris the Necromancer Really low on drops compared to my usual Ratkin/Goblin lists, but it looks like fun with the built in army synergies (i.e. the Monolith + Surge shenanigans). It's pretty much the definition of "I'm gonna take a charge and hit back as hard as possible." I was hoping for the bone giants to get as many flanks as possible with their small footprint and high nerve. Anywho, let's get to the games!
Game 1 - Jacob Datta - Forces of Nature, Invade
Salamanders Horde - Crystal Pendant of RetributionEarth Elementals Horde - Brew of St…

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